Reflexology is a pressure point massage of the feet.

It is based on an ancient belief that reflexes in the feet represent particular parts of the body and stimulating these reflexes can have a beneficial effect on the corresponding organs, glands and systems.

It is a very relaxing treatment with can relieve stress and tension and promote a feeling of calm. It can help rebalance the body and bring relief from many conditions.



Massage treatments are very effective at relieving stress, easing aching muscles and inducing a strong sense of calm and well being.

Massage treatments can be adapted to suit your individual needs, whether this is relaxing massage or a deeper tissue massage in order to help relieve particular aches and pains.

Areas that can be massaged include the back, neck and shoulders, arms and hands, face, scalp, legs and feet.

A variety of different massage oils and waxes are chosen to suit your individual preferences.



Massage treatments can also incorporate the use of hot stones.

The heat from the stones can help warm the muscles and allow a deeper, more therapeutic massage.

It can also help induce a greater sense of relaxation.